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Don’t shop here. As you can see from the other reviews, they cannot be trusted to sell you anything that won’t fall apart within days. They then refuse to refund or exchange their rubbish products and there’s absolutely no way to escalate a complaint as they just keep directing you to their only way of communication which is an email address that you don’t get a reply from. The “apple” products are fake and the guy in the shop openly admitted that to me when I complained they’d fallen apart in days. This is despite them being sold as “apple” in apple packaging and with their logo. Surely this cannot be legal? In addition to the fact they refuse to comply with consumer law and the fact they sell knock off stuff, they’re also unbelievably rude. There’s absolutely no customer service and they’re only interested in grabbing your money and not giving it back. I’m surprised they’ve managed to stay trading as long as they have.
Don’t give them your custom and hopefully they’ll close and we’ll get a decent shop in their place.   30-06-19
Tags: tradingstandards